If you’re on the fence about having a website built for your local business, it’s easy to decide that there’s very little point. However, there are a multitude of reasons why every small business should have its own website, regardless of its Google My Business listing, directory listings or Facebook page popularity.

Reason 1: It’s almost required for local SEO

With the continuing advancement of mobile search and the increasing popularity of voice search, local search visibility is important for every local business. If you don’t have your own website, your local SEO agency will find it almost impossible to give you the level of visibility you need to drive footfall to your local business.

Reason 2: Consumers expect it

While consumers are increasingly able to find the information they need and take an action directly from search results, research from the Local Search Association confirms that most consumers expect a local business to have a website.

In The Digital Consumer Study, the Local Search Association found that 63% of consumers used the website to find a local business or interact with it.

Reason 3: It’s needed for link building

Likewise, if you run a pet store or a nail salon, having a business website means you can direct potential customers to your images, videos, price lists, and products quickly and easily from a single location.

Reason 4: Content improves relevance and links

If you’re serious about local visibility, you not only need a website to give yourself the best chance at a local search presence. You need the site as a vehicle for hosting your content—which improves relevance and makes it easier to accrue the links needed for better visibility.

Reason 5: A website is essential for brand building

No matter your niche, it’s impossible to craft a professional image for your brand without your own website. A website is your virtual office or storefront and, as an owned media channel, it’s something you retain full control of. Both B2B and B2C clients will look to your domain to get a feel for your brand. This is where you showcase your authority, values, and culture.

Reason 6: A website is a great tool for customer service

Most modern consumers turn to social media for customer service, but it isn’t always practical or efficient to reply in detail to each request. Having your own website means you can take control of your customer service process and direct customers to a tailored, up-to-date FAQ page or customer service contact info simply by sharing a link.

Final Thoughts

While the developments Google has rolled out make Google My Business a valued tool for both local businesses and their customers, the rich experiences that it offers should not be considered a substitute for a professional website.

Google My Business (along with other portals, such as directory listings and Facebook pages) is undoubtedly an asset for any local business and offers plentiful opportunities to furnish consumers with the information they need about your firm.

For the six reasons listed above and many more, local business websites should still be considered a crucial and vital asset in your marketing arsenal.